Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beautiful Lands - Dron

Anne-girl is holding a Writer's Conference over at Scribblings of my pen and tappings of my keyboard! And for the first workshop, we've been instructed to dig into the Beautiful People archives, and answer the questions based on your fictional country. 

For this and to help get me in the mood for NaNo (which I hope to participate in and add another 50K words onto Children of a Legend), I've chosen Dron, the fictional country in my story CoaL

There aren't any big cities located in the
mountains, but this picture just looks
very Dron to me with its gray landscape.
What is their biggest accomplishment? Dron's biggest accomplishment is probably that of having a mostly united country. It's a rather large country, having both plains and prairies and mountains and cliffs, and the people tend to be diverse, but the government is strong. For the most part, everyone living in Dron recognizes the rule of the king/lord in the capitol city, Marndid. Note I said "for the most part."

What is one of their strongest childhood memories? Dron has many memories, the strongest being mostly of the Dragon Tamer. It wasn't that long ago from the present day that the Dragon Tamer first rose up in opposition against the iron rule of Lord Vernd. The many battles that came out of that opposition the land remembers too well. The people, encouraged by Lord Vernd, forget the fighting and the dragons that stayed at the Tamer's side, but there are those who have not completely forgotten those times. 

What is their favorite food? Dron, because of its many peoples, has a diversity of foods. While many struggle to put even the smallest amount of it on their tables, not many people see it as their main love. Food is for survival, not for recreation. However, food is to be enjoyed, so the quality of each meal tends to be high.

Do they believe in love at first sight? Dron isn't romantic; I would not recommend it as a possible honeymoon location. Is love at first sight possible? Yes, but not many people would be looking for it when they were struggling to fight and survive.

What kind of home do they live in? Everything ranging from farmhouses, tiny hovels, stone town homes, and old manors and castles. 

What do they like to wear? Dron's plains tend to be warmer, while the mountain regions harbor freezing chills that scare away its inhabitants. In the prairies, plain clothing suited for work and living is handed down from one person to another, mended whenever a hole appears in the weave, and covered over with vests and jackets of leather. In the mountains, very, very few people stay to brave the cold, but their clothing would be more fur to keep them warm.

What would they do if they discovered they were dying? If Dron died, the land would be devastated from wars, ruined beyond any hope of recovery. The animals would flee the country in search of better living, and the people wouldn't be long behind in following. 

What kind of holidays, or traditions do they celebrate? I actually haven't assigned any holidays to Dron... currently. I have thoughts for a few special days and traditions in the works, but I haven't written about any of them... yet. But Lord Vernd would definitely support a holiday as long as it was in his favor and gave him a positive boost among the people.

What do your other characters have to say about them? Dron doesn't think much of the countries around her. Indeed, there aren't that many around her at all. Dron is located on a peninsula with maybe one or two smaller countries located where she touches the mainland. Because Dron is so large, her neighbors feel that it is safer to ignore her, unless doing so jeopardizes their own safety.  

If they could change one thing in their world, what would it be? The unrest. With the Dragon Tamer's location and status unknown, Lord Vernd is anxious to find the Tamer and be rid of him. The peasants are tired of the iron hand that pushes down on top of them, forcing them to give up most of their work to Vernd. Dron may look peaceful on the surface, but underneath lies a thick layer of unrest.

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  1. I loved learning more about Dron, Kiri! I laughed over 'I would not recommend it as a possible honeymoon location'!

    I'm eager to learn more about the Dragon Tamer and the dragons. Dragons are such fascinating creatures!