Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beautiful People: Bethjasmine

I know it's been a while since I've done a Beautiful People, so I thought it was high time that I began the practice again. I feel rather ashamed when I see everyone else's beautiful people posts, and then I realize I haven't done any... *ahem*

This month's beautiful person is Bethjasmine from The Twelfth Kingdom. I dove into the BP files and withdrew questions from February of 2012. Now that I'm getting more in the habit of remembering to fill out BP questions, I may become guilty of posting BPs too often... ;)


1. If your character could be played by any actor, who would it be? I've spent some time searching pinterest for a good pic of Bethjasmine, and I think I finally found success when I came across the picture I posted above (look up ^^^). The actress's name is Genevieve Bujold, and I think she makes a rather good Bethjasmine.

2. Does your character have a specific theme song? Hmm... I never thought about a theme song for Bethjasmine. In truth, I see her as a gentle Sleeping Beauty type of character, so I suppose a good theme song for Bethjasmine would be "Once Upon a Dream." She has many dreams, even though they don't necessarily relate to marriage. When TK begins, she's a sickly orphan living on the streets of Tellorn, the capital of Findenland, and despite the poverty and grime around her, she's full of hope and optimism. 

3. What’s their worst childhood memory? Really? I don't know that much about Bethjasmine's past. Yeah, that's not a good thing for a writer to admit about her characters. I suppose her worst memory would be watching her parents die. They lived poorly and when a deathly epidemic swept through the city, they didn't survive. Bethjasmine was alone until she met another girl who was orphaned in the same epidemic. For anyone who's interested, that's Josette. 

4. If your character had a superpower, what would it be? Based on her personality, Bethjasmine's superpower would be the gift of healing. 

5. If your character crashed on an island with a bunch of other people, how would 
your character help the group survive? Bethjasmine is not the type of person to dictate orders and manage big things. She prefers to stay on the sidelines and lend a helping hand where it's most appreciated but least noticed. 

6. Are they married? If not, do they someday wish to be? Bethjasmine is only 15, so she's definitely not married. She loves being part of a family, so naturally she would wish to be married sometime in the future, but at present, it's not a big thing on her mind.

7. What is a cause they would die for? The safety and well-being of her loved ones. Especially her best friend, Josette.

8. Would they rather die fighting valiantly, or quietly at home? Definitely quietly at home, surrounded by those she loves best. 

9. If someone walked up to them and told them they were the child of the prophecy, would they believe them? She might. It would really depend on what prophecy it was, and what was expected of the one being prophesied about. If it involved action and fighting, Bethjasmine would probably feel obligated to perform her duty, although she detests violence. 

10. Do they prefer the country or the city? Probably the country. I can really see Bethjasmine living on a large manor in the middle of the country with lots of gardens. 

God bless!

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  1. She sounds lovely ... and a bit sad as well. I really ought to try out BP ...