Friday, January 9, 2015

And Back Again... Plus Snippets

I had thought to be on Blogger slightly more than I was during Christmas break. However, too many things happened that kept me from my computer. Although I do not regret the wonderful things that I did, I do truly miss being a part of this awesome circle of the internet.

Break was marvelous (despite the fact that I was sick through most of it), with lots of epic things like CBC visits, snowball fights, catching up with what's happening in Maine, watching way too many favorite movies, eating more gingerbread cookies than were probably good for me, sleeping... you know. All the important stuff.

I had grand visions of getting a lot of writing done during break, especially since I have about zilch extra minutes to write on my stories during college, but that didn't exactly happen. I did put a bit more on Rebirth of a Legend, and before I begin my trek back to college for second semester, I'd like to leave you all with just a few snippets. Just because I love you guys, and because snippets would make this otherwise ghastly short post longer and more intriguing.

“And what mischief, pray, are you about?”

The steel voice spun Ceterra around. Lady Ikklinda Kadnil herself stood in the doorway with both hands planted on her hips, looking the very picture of disagreeableness and ill temper.

“Well?” She snapped.



Olette hushed herself and looked up to see Lyndee skipping down the large corridor toward her. “Pa's lookin' fer ya!”

“Right now?”

Her youngest sister grinned. “As soon as ya can come.” Her eyes twinkled with mischief. “What'd ya do wrong this time, Lettie?”

Olette brushed the question aside. “Nothin', Dee. I've been as sweet as peaches.”


Apparently, the bear was through accepting rocks and arrows. With a lunge, it fell back onto its feet. Then it ran straight at Ahmis and Davin.

Davin pushed his brother in the opposite direction. There was no more spreading out and confusing the monster now. “Go!”

The arrow wounds to the bear's body slowed him down, yet its powerful legs soon closed in on the two brothers. With every breathless step, Davin could feel the bear getting closer, and he knew if he turned around, he'd be looking right into the toothy maw of death. He was already tired from their journey, and only fear kept him going.

Just behind him, Ahmis cried out and stumbled. Brice gave a wild shout as he fell.


Davin whirled. Bear or no bear, Ahmis couldn't die. Père, help us! But he knew of nothing he could do to stop the bear from tearing them both apart. Ahmis was too far away; there was no way to get both of them to safety in time.


The sandy-haired boy shook his head. “Nothing doing. It's morning, and time for you to wake up. I've spent the whole night buzzed with questions, and I need you to tell me what's going on.”

Ahmis pulled his blanket over his head. “Can't this wait until after breakfast?”

Brice yanked the covering away. “Breakfast can wait.”

For once, even Davin was surprised; it was rare that Bricentus Holloman found something more important than food.


The last book on the shelf held promise for, even though the title was worn illegible, it had that musty book smell Ahmis loved. Davin pulled it carefully from its place and blew a layer of dust off the top before he cracked open the cover. Inside, yellowed pages showed a detailed table of contents. He quickly scanned the list, and his eyes grew wide.

The Arrival and Action of Dragons?

Davin flipped to the assigned page and immediately frowned. A soft, jagged edge spoke of a hasty knife visit to the book, and the pages on the dragons were completely gone. Well done, Lord Vernd, he thought grimly. You really did cover everything. With a sigh, he reluctantly replaced the tome.


Axel wasn't certain whether it was the mothers or the young ladies themselves who had expressed interest, but he let the matter pass. A handsome, young captain in Vernd's army, son of an esteemed military veteran, and heir to a substantial fortune? He knew without a doubt that he was an excellent catch. What mother in Marndid would not be interested in a courtship?

He shifted uneasily. “Mother, I would really rather not discuss this. I truly do not want a wife. You'd be much better off trying to set up Dick.”

Klara, despite her fine gown, slumped. The tasteful fabric wrinkled so that Axel raised an eyebrow. “Dick's lack of fortune does not merit him well to the young ladies.”

“Nor does his lack of charm,” Axel said dryly. Awkwardness was not attractive in a man of Marndid.

“A true pity,” Klara sighed. “He is such a handsome lad. He would make any girl a fine husband.”

Axel doubted that physical appearance helped much with the quality of a husband, but he wisely let his mother speak on.

I'll see you all *cue Olaf* ... IN SUMMER!

God bless! 


  1. Lovely! Will miss your posts, but it gives me even more reason to look forward to summer. (-:

  2. Aww, I'm sorry you were sick:(

    Excellent snippets! I especially love the bit, "I've been as sweet as peaches." XD

    I've tagged you over at my blog, but I understand if you can't do it for a while, what with school and everything:D

  3. I want to read your books so much.


    I hope school goes well!

  4. Hey, Kiri Liz!! I've put you up as a nominee for the Blogger Recognition Award on my blog Into It... Deep!!!!
    Heidi Anne<3

  5. Great snippets! So very intriguing. Me likey. :]

    Though I know I'm still kinda new to your blog, we have mutual blogger friends, and I just wanted to letcha know I've tagged you over on my blog! You are not obligated to go through with it, but if you do, enjoy! Link below :]