Friday, December 27, 2013

Letters: December Edition

Dear Blogger:
I sometimes forget that you exist. I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, and I'm even more sorry that I haven't had time to write any sort of decent blog post. We'll have to have a major catching-up session sometime later when things quiet down. 

Dear Christmas:
You came way too quickly in my opinion. I was unprepared for you. So there. But you were marvelous, nevertheless.

Dear Beth Grace:
My favorite oldest sister, and yes, I can say that because you're the only oldest sister that I have. I'm very proud of you being hundreds of miles away and helping our grandparents out, and I'm really enjoying sleeping in your bed because it's so much better than mine, but I do need you to come back sometime. I'm tired of doing the dishes by myself. Besides, your being gone has made me so busy that I haven't had time to do the things I normally do, like *ahem* check Blogger. I LOVE YOU!

Dear Snow:
Thank you so much for showing up this year! After last year's brown Christmas, it was extremely pleasant to have so much of you for this season. Even though you were rather heavy to shovel, and you made shopping... interesting, to say in the least. I think we're over two feet now. Good job.

Dear Upcoming Wedding:
I am so excited to be playing the piano for you! I only wish I had some more time to practice. I still haven't quite gotten the page turns down in I See the Light, but I know I'll manage. 

Dear Those Beloved Friends To Whom I Promised To Beta-Read For:
I have not forgotten you, and please don't think that I have! I thought December would be a quieter month in which I could fully read and enjoy your books and have time to give you honest criticisms and praise, but truthfully, I've not been able to get past the first chapter. My sincerest of apologies, and I promise that I will read them and send you comments... I'm just not a hundred percent sure when that will be. Hopefully soon, though.

Dear Russian Tea Cakes and Gingerbread Men:
I love you guys. 'Nuff said.

Dear Disney's Frozen:
I am beyond excited to watch you! Please hurry up and come out on DVD! I have your soundtrack memorized (with the exception of certain songs *glare*), and I know you're going to be wonderful.

Dear Desolation of Smaug:
Same as above.

Dear Time:
Where did you go? Guess these are all the letters I'm able to do today.

God bless!


  1. Oh my. You are playing I See the Lights at a wedding? I think that is brilliant! Now I want someone to play it at my wedding if I ever get married.

    Both The Hobbit and Frozen are worth the wait. They were very good, at least in my opinion. I am going to buy both when they come out, if that says anything. (Actually, I will be waiting on The Hobbit in the hopes they do an extended edition like they did with the first one.)

    To answer your comment. I share your thoughts on Snow White. I find some of the first Disney princesses boring. Not because they are lady like or anything, but because they really don't do anything. That is why I like Tangled, and Frozen. They girls in those were still lady like, they wore pretty dresses and liked to do girly things, but they didn't just sit around and do nothing in the hopes someone could come by and save them - a dashing someone. And they had personalities, which I loved.
    I love girl characters, but people mess them up so badly I don't have a long list of them. It is like they think they can't have a lady like girl without making her into a coward who does nothing, nor a brave girl without her hating men and not wanting their help. I like balanced ones.
    But anyways. I guess that is why I tend to avoid books about girls. I've found a few that I love, but mostly I just want to throw things at the characters.

  2. I love this idea of letters! You're always so fun!

    Hey, don't worry about beta reading! I know you've been very busy. In all honesty, I haven't even found the chance to start your story. I am so ashamed! I have another book I'm obligated to critique first, and NaNo happened, and then Christmas, it's just been crazy. But I WILL get to it. I promise! I'm looking super forward to it, so hopefully it won't be too terribly long before I can.