Friday, October 25, 2013

Answering Your Questions About The Challenge

First off, I'd like to say how muchly I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm about the upcoming 30 Day Middle-Earth Challenge. Melody and I have been highly anticipating this since June (which was when we first cooked up the idea), and it's great to see the response it's getting so far! And we're not into November yet! Thank you, everyone!

I've had a lot of people commenting and asking me questions about the challenge, and as I realized that many other people are having the same questions, I'm going to do my best to answer them all in one post.


Do I have to do all 30 days of the challenge? Absolutely not, if you don't want to! If all you manage to accomplish is one day, we'd still love to have you join us!

Can I group multiple days in one post? Why, certainly! Whether it's anywhere from 2 days in a post or even all 30 grouped together, that's more than acceptable.

May I still participate even though I don't have a blog? Yup. You can leave your answers in a comment either on my blog or on Melody's blog. Or, going into the next question...

May I do the challenge on Pinterest? Totally yes! Pinning one picture a day with a caption is ideal. All we ask is that you leave us a link to your Pinterest board.

What if I discover the challenge after it has started? Can I still join? Sure! You don't have to be with us all the way from day one! The more, the merrier! 

Can I do challenge posts after November 30th? Uhh... the challenge is set for the month of November, so we ask that you publish all of your posts in Novmeber. If, however, you have posts planned and don't manage to get them published before the deadline, you may still publish them, and we will do our best to forgive your tardiness.

Why do I need to tag all of my challenge posts with "30 Day Middle-Earth Challenge" and leave you or Melody a link to that tag? When you tag your challenge posts with that, it makes it easier to find all of the posts. Leaving us a link will tell us that you're participating, so that when the challenge is completed, Melody and I can compile a list of everyone that participated in the challenge and share it with you so that you can read everyone else's challenge posts. If we don't know you're participating, we can't include you on the list, and everyone misses out on reading your challenge posts.

Do I have to follow Lianne Taimenlore and/or The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls to participate in the challenge? As much as we'd love you to follow us and read our blogs, it's not required. You need to link back to our blogs to let people know who the challenge hosts are, but you don't need to be a public follower of either blog. I will say that being a follower of either or both blogs will be beneficial, for if Melody or I post an announcement about the challenge, you, as not a follower, will miss it. Being a follower will keep you up-to-date on what we're doing with the challenge.

Does it matter what pictures I include in the challenge? You may use any Middle-Earth related pictures for the challenge. We do ask that you keep all pictures clean and family-friendly as we have people of all ages and genders participating in this challenge. If we see that you include something that is inappropriate in your challenge answers, we reserve the right to not include you in the final link-up.

Do my challenge answers have a required length? Nope! Whether it's simply a picture, or an essay in length, all lengths are accepted!

Okay, did I cover everything? Hopefully, this clears up any loose ends for you all, but if you happen to have any other questions, please leave a comment!

God bless!

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  1. OK! I got it! Those are some of the questions I wanted to ask but forgot to comment again and write it. Thanks for the answers! I hope I can do whole thing! And I can't wait to do the challenge!