Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In Which I Post About Elevensies... Again!

Yes, yes, I know I've done the Elvensies Tag quite a few times now, but hey! I got tagged again!! Twice, actually! And I really don't mind one bit! 

Hmm... is it just me, or have I been doing a lot of tags recently? I need to sit down and write some REAL blog posts.... but, first things first. My eleven random facts. Ahem.


1. I have written in a journal every day since August 11, 2008. 
2. My three favorite composers are Patrick Doyle, Alan Menken, and Alan Silvestri, even though I've seen limited of their movies.
3. I used to love putting chocolate almond milk on my life cereal, until I discovered I was allergic to chocolate.
4. "Kiri" is my real nickname.
5. Those who lapse from that nickname call me either "Kitty" or "Dee."
6. I discovered recently on Pinterest that the number of people who follow me is twice the number of people that I follow.
7. I love receiving handwritten letters.
8. I love thunderstorms, except when they pound against the skylight in your bedroom at 2 o'clock in the morning.
9. My sister once put my hair up and used 27 bobby pins, in addition to 2 clips.
10. When I was younger, I was really good at math and once had to tutor my teacher.
11. I love doing 1,000 piece puzzles.


The first tag came from Melody of Regency Delight. Thanks, Melody!!

1) What email server is your favorite? (You know, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) Gmail, only because that's what I've always used.
2) Which place in your own country do you most long to visit? Hmm... anything west of the Mississippi. I've never been out of the Eastern time zone, so the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, etc. are all on my to-visit list.

3) Who was the last person you emailed? My dad, subject entitled "Help." My sister and I encountered a problem working yesterday (we do data entry for a local quilting shop that we have fondly dubbed Chesney Wold - don't ask; it's kind of a long story), and realizing we couldn't fix it on our own, I turned to my brilliant father for assistance.

4) Who was the last person you talked on the phone with? I don't talk on the phone a lot. So, let me think.... I think it was Grandmom. She calls just about every day, and if the kids can beat my mom to the phone, we get a few minutes to talk to her.

5) What is your favorite candy, chocolate excluded? Being allergic to soy and chocolate make for a very boring candy list. Swedish fish are probably my favorite, with Starbursts or Jelly Beans as a close second.

6) Within the next...oh, say, six months, what are you looking forward to the most? (As in, general life event) Having sleepovers/parties/fun times with all my wonderful cousins! Now that it's summer, we're no longer restricted by the harsh bonds of school (don't get me wrong, I don't mind school in the least - I love learning - but it makes it difficult to plan things with cousins, especially when your CBCs live three hours away. Oh, and we're also planning on making a movie this summer with our classy blood cousins, or what we would like to call a movie. We'll see how it all goes.

7) Hardcover or softcover books? Well..... probably hardcover. They smell better. ;)

What's your favorite quote about...
8) Friendship? A friend will help you up when you fall, but a good friend will laugh and say, "Walk much, klutz?"

9) Music? Don't give me enormous houses, don't give me two carriages, but I could not live without music.

10) Books? Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

(Note: I wouldn't say these are my absolute favorite quotes, but ones that I really enjoy and were the easiest to think up.)

11) So, you're standing in a group of three people (this includes you) where one person is a friend-ish acquaintance and the other person you don't know so well. You're not really adding that much to the conversation, but then the person you don't know so well criticizes one of your favorite books/movies/characters, etc. What do you do? Scowl and shut up, jump into defense, or other? ;) If I were with really close friends, I'd jump right into it and defend it, but since it'd be more acquaintances, they're entitled to their own opinions and I know that there probably won't be much I can say to change the aforementioned opinion. Actually, I ran into this problem yesterday when someone mentioned LOTR was boring. I kept my smile, said a few obscure things in defense, then moved on to a new topic.


And I was also tagged by Bella, Addy, and Emma. Thank you, girls!!

1. What would you consider yourself-casual or dressy? Casual! I very much prefer to be comfortable, modest, and feminine to dressy and in-style.

2. Where would you be found-reading a book in a tree? or rowing a little boat on the lake? Reading in a tree. I've actually never done that, although I've taken lots of books outside and I've climbed lots of trees. I just haven't put the two together yet. *Note to self: do this during the summer.*

3. Warm weather or cold? Both. I love the snow. I love swimming. I love being snowed-in. I love playing whiffle ball. But the cold makes me tight (I'm asthmatic), and summer brings along allergies, so there's no happy medium. I like all four seasons about the same.

4. Are you a big fancy dinner kind of person, or just a fast food one? Uh... neither? With a soy allergy, I can't eat out at all... and I'm not much for a fancy dinner. Well, one once in a while is nice, but I wouldn't like to eat like that every night. Home-cooked, comfort food is my favorite.

5. What are your top five favorite Jane Austen movies? Top five? Thank you, girls!! ;) Emma 2009 (absolute first!), P&P 1995, S&S 2008 (I've never seen the first scene, so I don't count that), S&S 1995, and... oh... either (don't hate me) P&P 2005 or Northanger Abbey (with the exception of some scenes).

6. Who is your top three heroine characters? (I had to have at least three, I mean it would be really tough for me to just chose one :)) Emma Woodhouse, Amy Dorrit, and Bella Wilfer.

7. If you were in a predicament, what would you rather want, a bow and some arrows, or a huge sward? I think I'd be more comfortable with a bow and arrows... and a few dozen paces away.

8. What book have you most recently read, and how many times have you read it? I'm in the middle of Our Mutual Friend, so can't count that... uh... I think the last book I read was The Beggar Queen by Lloyd Alexander. First time reading it. I enjoy Lloyd Alexander's writing, although some of his work contains some language. Really? Disappointing...

9. What's your favorite Disney Pixar movie? Toy Story 2? It's hard to tell because many of them have the same ranking in my mind.

10. Would you rather sing or dance? Quick answer: sing. Singing is an occupational hazard in my family. But I also like reenacting dances from movies such as P&P and Singin' In the Rain.

11. Have you watched any new movie recently? Under the Greenwood Tree - a little on the cheesy side, but it was fun. I especially liked the choir. "Wait for me!"


My eleven questions to pass on (and yes, I had fun thinking up really random ones):
1. What does your pillowcase look like?
2. Which classic, animated Disney movie does your life most resemble or do you wish it would resemble?
3. How would you react if I, right now, appeared at your front door?
4. If you could trade places with one Jane Austen character, who would it be and why?
5. Do you know what "logastellus" means?
6. What's one recipe you would love to try but haven't yet?
7. If you have a Pinterest account, which one of your boards do you find yourself pinning the most pins? If you don't have an account, make up a board.
8. If practice and lessons were irrelevant, which one instrument would you love to play?
9. Do you have a journal, a diary, or neither?
10. Do you smell books? If so, please tell us what the best-smelling book is.
11. Just because I'm curious, which of my WIPs (located on My Stories page) are you interested in the most and why? 

And I tag:
Jessa Bri
And everyone else. 

I was trying to pick people who haven't been tagged before or in a while, but I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head. If I didn't tag you, and you'd like to participate, please do! Or if you just want to answer the questions in a comment, I'd love that, too! It's usually a pain to come up with eleven questions to ask people, so it's nice when you have more than one person answer. *ahem* ;)

God bless!

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